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Good weekend.

David and I did indoor rock climbing on Saturday and was soooo much harder than I anticipated. Realized I'm not very strong, and scared of heights. The higher I got, the sweatier my hands would become, I'd get super nervous I was going to slip and fall. Any way, it was fun and something different. David really impressed me, he really gave it a go and got to the top easily. Was a bit of a turn on for me!

Yesterday he got stuck into the backyard and did a big clean up of the weeds and moved mulch around. I did some also but my arms were so sore (and still are) from Saturday..

We have officially booked for the snow in a July which he's excited about (and I'm certainly warming up to), his parents arrive from the U.K. In 6 weeks. Wow, time has flown. They'll be staying with us for a month. I'm sure it'll be fine but I have that hesitation of changing routine/getting used to other people in the house. I think that's natural.

Caught up with sis on Friday night too. A lot happening in our family.

So short week at work this week, Thursday Australia Day and possibly may take Fri off for a long weekend. Depends on work load. Almost feeling under control with work again, not feeling as disgruntled as 3 weeks ago.

Yes - life is good. I need to force myself to forget about the clouds over my head. force the good thoughts. These things don't just happen. Maybe one day I'll wake up grateful and care free. I feel as though I've been raised(brainwashed) to always be worried about something. Mum was always like that and is worse as she ages.

Logically I know life is never perfect. Logically I know I've got absolutely nothing to be sad about. I have a great job, a wonderful partner, the loyal, funny dog I always wished for, my awesome sister. Financially we are sound and we own our own home. So many things to be grateful for.