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So much to talk about but so hard to type as quickly as my thoughts generate on the phone.


Lots going on in my mind, friends telling me to have kids now which is strange. Like all of a sudden Mai and Belinda are both going on about me having kids etc. asking if I'm happy etc etc. it's like everyone is telling me I'm not happy without asking me about it.

I don't get it. No I don't feel 100% happy with my life but I've always been this way. And who is anyway? I feel a cloud all the time and get glimpses of true happiness every now and again when I finally wind down. That's no ones issue but my own. Maybe I could have done with more single time but I'm excited about our future travelling and I'd never say never to kids. I just want to be sure David a}axtkaky wants to be a dad and b) will be a supportive husband and father. And I don't feel the need or urge whatsoever now but Peer pressure is making me feel like I should. It's confusing and frustrating.