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Weights again!

Gosh how I missed feeling strong by lifting weights but I did not miss the terrible aching muscles that come with it!

Yesterday I did a weight class and only used my old warm up weight and today I am so sore. I used to do weights twice a week at the old gym. I retained some of the muscles but my legs/thighs and hips have definitely flabbed up in the last 12 months. Today we did boxing, i definitely missed boxing and hope they keep the same class.

For the record over the past few months I've floated between 64 and 65kg which isn't ideal, but at 61 I was more toned but saggy breasts and people told me I looked too gaunt in the face. Yet I still had thick thighs lol.

I think 63 is my happy place. I'm happy where I am now as long as I don't gain more.

Work has been busy and slightly stressful with increased workload and feeling resentful I've been given extra work with no reward. I'm feeling kind of pissed I'm doing more than what the previous accountant was doing but I'm on an assistant wage. Employee review coming up soon.

Lots to talk about but yet again don't wish to continue typing on phone. The days are flying. Planning snow trip mid year, Davids parents get here in 8 weeks and Bali with my sis in September. I feel apprehensive to say "2017 is going to be a great year!" As I feel ever impending grey clouds, I wish/I need to feel more care free.

Mai is really pushing me to break things off and be single as she feels I'm flat and being dragged down. She's so persuasive and I've been having panic attavks/anxiety about my relationship.