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Yep, another horrific dream

I've had two nights of the most horrific dreams.

I just woke myself up screaming.

I was standing in line to get to the car park of a shopping center and there was an elderly lady in a wheelchair two spots ahead.

A guy I went to primary school with (his brother) turned around and knocked the lady out to steal a car radio she was holding.

He ran and someone stopped him less than 20 feet away. He said he'd bought the radio for his the brother (the guy I was in the same grade with) and I yelled out no you didn't! Next thing he grabs his brother and starts bashing his face in, but he just kept going and going, slamming his brothers head into the wall until he was completely unrecognizable and bits of his head were flying everywhere

Fuck it was terrifying

As soon as I woke up I looked up the bro in Facebook to make sure he's alive