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Confronting dreams

Feeling rather uncomfortable after having an eye opening dream about what could be.


I do have some things to think about but they scare me.

I know David isn't the "one" and I don't necessarily believe in the one. I know we don't bring out the best in each other. We are good together but we aren't great together. Do I live a content life with someone compatible, someone I could easily spend my life with in contentment and low stress, or do I pursue the ideal partner at a risk of never finding him?


-self motivated



-be able to hold a deep conversation

The other question is, does David have the potential to become energetic and self driven? He does.. but you can't make someone change. All women complain of the same issues in men and I believe there are very few men that possess the ability to talk feelings, or just talk in general (unless they're self absorbed, in my experience) so am I having the same frustrations that everyone feels in a settled relationship?

I know I could be living a different life but there's a risk in never finding what I want.

There's a risk in losing my content life with someone who respects me and treats me well. I don't know. I'm sick of feeling unattractive. I feel old before my time. I want to travel.